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Hunters Lodge is located on the A264 between Crawley and East Grinstead.  We are down a long, quiet track and the fishery is very safe and secluded.  There is plenty of parking, toilet facilities, space to set up your bivvy and areas for picnics.  Showers are available for long staying anglers, and some swims on Eden's Lake have huts.


Since taking over Hunters Lodge, we have carried out extensive maintenance work on and around the lakes.  Swims have been built, banks tidied up and we continue to work hard to keep the place clean and tidy.  Anglers who have not been to Hunters Lodge for a few years will hardly recognise the place.  Of course as well as this, we have undertaken an extensive re-stocking programme.


We welcome enquiries from clubs and match organisers and also can accommodate Corporate Days.

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